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FRANCHISING: America’s answer for Small Business

Hi, I’m’ Ronald McDonald, author of Ronald McDonald’s Franchise Buyers Guide and I have been involved in Franchising for over 50 years. I know how confusing it can be to find the perfect new business and career.
Starting a new business is a risk and according to most statistics the majority of new, small business fail within the first year. The Exception: Franchises.
Why? A Franchise is a proven business model that has already ironed out the kinks and issues, so you do not have to.
Our DIRECTORY of FRANCHISES was built for you so that you as a prospective Franchisee could see what your options might be based on your: interest, financial capabilities, geographic location, and dreams.
Here you will find the information you need to start your search for the perfect new Business Opportunity.
So, use our DIRECTORY of FRANCHISES as your source for all the information you may want to know.

Types of Franchises

Investment Franchises

These are generally very capital intense and require strong financial participation. This is the type of franchise used for Hotels...

Conversion Franchises

This is the type of franchise that is marketed to existing, independent business that wish to associate with a larger and better-known brand.

Distribution Franchise

This category can be for a limited, single item or service or for a complete line

Job Franchises

This is a wide category of franchises that basically provide you with a “Job”.

Business Franchises

This covers the vast majority of Franchises offered on the market.

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